Rebound with a good night’s sleep!

Rebound with a good night’s sleep!

At Rebound we believe in the importance of sleep. Having a good night’s sleep can be the key to a happy and healthy life. Getting the right amount of sleep at night can set you up for a great day ahead. We believe in the power of sleep and we use our belief in this to create high-quality mattresses that are made exclusively in the UK by our highly-skilled team of craftspeople. We pride ourselves on using our business as a force to create the ultimate night’s sleep here in the UK, so why not join our Rebound family, and start your sleep journey with us?

Take the stress out of it

Your mattress shouldn’t be keeping you up at night and we understand how hard it can be searching for a new mattress. Here at Rebound we take that stress away, we’re not just committed to giving you the best quality mattress, we’ve also simplified the ordering process and are more than happy to offer you free delivery and returns on every order. We have a high quality range of memory foam mattresses made in the UK with many in stock and ready for next day delivery. We stock the very popular Rebound range of memory foam mattresses in all sizes. This brand offers fantastic value for money and a great night’s sleep every night, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Great sleep, made simple for you

Sleep simply and restfully with the assurance of our 20 years of experience in the market. We know what makes the ultimate night’s sleep. We want to share some sleep-friendly tips to help you achieve a perfect night’s sleep! If you know the right things to do then you can be on your way to adopting a successful sleeping routine into your life.

Balanced schedule

It’s important to have a good work-life balance and also monitor the amount of technology usage and day to day activities. Your body follows a sleep-wake cycle and it adapts to the amount of sleep you allow your body to have. It’s always good to go to bed when you begin to feel tired and not forcing your body to stay awake and deprived of sleep. The ideal amount of sleep you should be getting every night is said to be around 8 hours. To ensure a healthy sleeping pattern you should aim to go to bed at the same time every night and allow for enough hours of sleep.

Relax and unwind

You should always begin winding down and allowing your body to relax for a considerable amount of time before you actually plan on going to sleep. This allows your mind to shut down and get into sleep mode and prepare for a peaceful sleep. Giving yourself time to relax before sleeping is crucial and unfortunately it is nearly impossible to hop into bed and just fall straight to sleep when your head hits the pillow.


The type of environment you are in can be a big factor in the quality of your sleep. Making simple changes to the lighting or decorations can create a more relaxing space. Monitoring the right room temperature inline with the weather and changing of seasons throughout the year can make a difference to your level of comfort. But of course, the type of mattress you sleep on is one of the biggest factors in achieving better sleep. At Rebound our handcrafted mattresses are made here in the UK with love and precision to ensure they deliver the highest quality to our customers. When investing in a Rebound mattress, you are also investing in the Rebound dream of achieving a perfect sleep for all.

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